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Explore top-tier metal finishing services crafted to enhance the aesthetic and functional quality of your metal components. At Concours Plating, we pride ourselves on delivering superior metal finishing services tailored to enhance the durability and appearance of your projects. Our comprehensive range of finishing techniques includes Sanding, Linishing/Lapping, Metal Polishing, Satining, and Bead Blasting—each designed to meet diverse industry standards and client expectations.

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Metal Polishing

Our teams have experience working with all metals and alloys and our attention to detail ensures you always get a high-quality finish of your products. Our Metal Polishing service transforms metal surfaces to a brilliant shine, enhancing the material's natural aesthetics. This process not only improves the visual appeal but also increases resistance to corrosion by creating a smoother, more protective surface.


Sanding is the process of smoothing the metal surface using abrasive materials. It is the first step in preparing metal for further finishing treatments, effectively removing oxidization, old coatings, and imperfections to ensure a flawless base for additional processing.

Choosing sanding as part of your metal finishing process ensures a perfect foundation for subsequent treatments, significantly enhancing paint adhesion and the longevity of the coating. This preparatory step is crucial for achieving superior final results.

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Polishing of vintage bumper

Linishing | Lapping

Linishing and Lapping are advanced abrasive techniques used to achieve ultra-smooth and flat surfaces. Linishing involves a high-speed sanding process on a flat belt, ideal for modifying the surface roughness, while Lapping focuses on achieving a mirror-like finish on flat metal surfaces, using fine abrasive pastes.

Our Linishing and Lapping services are essential for applications requiring precise dimension control and a high-quality finish. These techniques are particularly beneficial for enhancing the performance and aesthetics of precision components in engineering and manufacturing.


Satining offers a unique finish characterized by a soft, matte lustre. This technique is perfect for those seeking a non-reflective surface that retains a sophisticated and modern appearance, widely appreciated in architectural and decorative applications.

Satining is favored for its ability to provide a stylish, contemporary look while minimizing the appearance of fingerprints and surface marks. It's an excellent choice for high-touch areas and premium architectural elements.

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Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting is a metal finishing technique that uses fine glass beads blasted at high pressure to clean and smooth metal surfaces without causing damage or altering the metal’s integrity. This method is ideal for achieving a uniform, matte finish and removing surface defects.

Choose Bead Blasting for a consistently smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish that also prepares surfaces for further treatments like painting or anodizing. This method is perfect for components that require a refined, professional appearance.

Impeccable Metal Finish

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