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copper platting

Chemical Stripping

   Our process can be used to remove all the old plating and paint coatings in order to restore, polish and plate your items, bringing them to a high quality finish.

 Concours Plating are a flexible, one-stop shop that can accommodate your restoration, fabrication and plating requirements. All chemical stripping, polishing, plating and coating services are performed in-house by our experienced technicians, all under one roof.  

The Process

We often receive lamps and other car parts that have been worn out over time. In order to bring the parts back to their original glory, all the old plating, painting or other coating needs to be stripped first. Only then we can restore, polish and plate the part, making it looking shiny and brand new!



The state some parts reach our workshop.


After Stripping

Part is stripped of the old plating.



After removing the dents, restoring, polishing and copper plating.



After restoration, the part is finished by electroplating it. 

Reflectors. Before - After.

silver plated reflectors.jpg
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