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“THE very best skilled craftspeople we have to offer in the automotive restoration world.”

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With the combined industry experience of over fifty years, Concours Plating restoration team offer unrivalled expertise in the fields of chemical stripping, polishing, electroplating, restoration and fabrication works.

Concours Plating is a division of Genius of the Lamp, which has a rich history in the restoration of vintage lamps. We cater for clients from across the world who required the very best detailing on their vehicle lighting, however, this soon turned from a business restoring lights to now also restoring the entire 'brightwork' of vintage and classic cars. Our clients soon realised that the quality of our restored brightwork was exceptional and 'Concours Plating'was established to meet their needs and requirements.

We offer the following plating finishes
 Chrome Plating services Birmingham

We plate on all metals, including Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Die-cast (Also known as Zamak - family of alloys with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium, and copper) and Plastic.

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Behind The Scenes

As insight into some of the processes involved in restoring and Nickel plating a radiator shell for a car. In the video you can see restoration works, polishing, electro cleaning, copper and nickel plating. These processes are overseen by our skilled workshop technicians.


Concours Plating are a flexible, one-stop shop that can accommodate your restoration, fabrication and plating requirements. All chemical stripping, polishing, plating and coating services are performed in-house by our experienced technicians, all under one roof.


An insight in collection of lamps, car parts and other beautiful items we've renovated with passion.

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